Brief Online Facts – What Is Quinoa

The online readers who have already discovered this previously unique and indigenous gluten free source can consider themselves to be adventurous eaters, over and above being healthy eating and living practitioners. As for the rest of the readers, read on on what is quinoa. Healthy food dishes are no longer bland lettuce leaf affairs. Apart from seaweed and kale, folks can create so many gourmet dishes from the quinoa cereal which is extremely easy to prepare for cooking.

what is quinoa

Quinoa is considered to be a great substitute for most carbohydrate enriched foods. Most folks do not notice these things because they hardly ever read their supermarket product labels. Should you do this regularly, you will no longer be surprised to find that many traditionally processed products now include quinoa, quite easy to source and grow today. Whether you have the classifiable gluten intolerance or mild and irregular occurrences of indigestion, it is recommended that you include quinoa regularly to your diet.

You can utilize the natural quinoa cereal, quite easy to cook, with all of your other natural, healthy and organic ingredients, as opposed to relying on unhealthy and somewhat unwholesome processed foodstuffs. Quinoa is known among healthy eating advocates as a superfood, super-seed and one of the healthiest pseudo cereals favorable to all, not just the health nuts and vegans. It is an essential ingredient for those who also need to work on including more fiber and protein in their diet.

Protein is the so-called building blocks of the human body. High in protein, quinoa also includes all nine essential amino acids. This must be a rare occurrence, even for health foods. The high protein content in quinoa is particularly beneficial to those who have consciously chosen to go vegetarian or vegan. This also helps to quash the myth that all (or most) protein enriched diets must have a percentage of meat included to it.

Including this wholegrain in your regular diet also helps you to lower your bad cholesterol levels. Like the different forms of rice, also gluten free, quinoa comes in mainly three types, namely, black, red and white. A rich variety of antioxidants are also included. These antioxidants, of course, contain anti-inflammatory properties.